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From Hungry to Thriving

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Ranger came to us as an abandonment/starvation case. His family forgot about him once he got old and left him in a pasture by himself. When he was discovered, he was found eating burrs to stop his stomach from growling.

Once found, he was evaluated by professionals. The majority of them recommended him to be euthanized. On the Henneke horse body condition scoring system, Ranger's estimated score was a 1.5. According to Purina Mills Nutrition, that means Ranger was "emaciated, with slight fat [covering the] base of spinous processes", among other criteria.

Kelly, our owner and head trainer, saw through his prognosis. She noticed his will to live. Kelly put him on a select mixture of foods, including a mix of SafeChoice Senior and Original. He stayed in indoor turnout, since he would pace if left outside. This would make it harder for him to gain weight, since he was burning it off.

We quickly noticed how affectionate and loving he was to the people he knew. However, he would run to the back of his stall if a new person showed interest. Over the years, this has dissipated. He has adjusted to his new, happier, life.

He now enjoys going out with the main herd, and is a favorite among our lessons. He has learned that anyone can have a treat for him - and he enjoys children. As one can see in the last photo, he is looking towards a much better future that will be his for the rest of his life.

Come visit Over the Top Equine and visit with Ranger.

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