Meet the Horses


Gadget "Monster"

Gadget is a retired thoroughbred racehorse. He was not on the racetrack nearly as long as Queen - his heart wasn't in racing. It sure is in jumping, though! He was competing in 1m35 courses before he semi-retired. Now loves his new job of teaching kids how to ride and compete - from beginners to up to 2' courses. He is available for lease. He loves children and makes sure to take care of them - as long as they aren't brushing him.

2015-06-02 Promise Practice Photos 006.JPG


Queen is a retired thoroughbred racehorse who was born in 2002. She earned over 160,000 dollars on the track before retiring. She is known for her gentle soul and great looks. She is best friends with Gadget. She is used as a lesson horse for beginners to riders jumping 3'. She is available for lease and will help her rider gain confidence.

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Waldo "DoDo"

Waldo is an unregistered American Warmblood - a shire/thoroughbred cross and was born in 2005. He is our big boy, standing at over 18 hands high. He has the lovable draft personality with the athleticism of the thoroughbred. He is a lesson horse that is used for advanced beginners to junior/amateur. He is the perfect hunter/jumper and is available for lease. Everyone loves taking him for a spin. You will stand out in the show ring.



Captain is our 15 year old Quarter horse who is quite the favorite with the lesson students. He was born in 2005 and was a sales acquisition in 2017. He is a hunter/jumper who is the class clown. He is used in lessons for beginners up to riders jumping 3'3".



We have a rescue horse named Ranger. He was so thin, our vet didn't think he would make it, but he did, thanks to Kelly. He is an Azteca who was born in approximately 1984. Before he was rescued, he was used as a track and cow pony. His new favorite job is to help beginners learn how to ride. He is up for lease. His perfect leaser would be someone who enjoys trail rides, gives bananas as treats, and loves to groom.



A blue roan appaloosa, Blue, is a sight to see. Born in 2009, he is one of our lesson horses. Come see this handsome devil in person.



Pongo, a 2011 paint, is a puppy dog who loves to lick you. He was an instant barn favorite!



A welsh/thoroughbred cross, Thumbelina was a wonderful unexpected sales acquisition at a horse show in early 2021. We can't wait to see what she can do.


Coco Puff "Puffy"

Puffy is a rescue - his earliest home was feeding him table scraps, including meat. He is trained to ride and to pull a small cart. He is our resident trick or treater. When he is not going about town, he is used in short stirrup, pony rides, and for very young beginners. He was born in 2005 and he is a dwarf miniature horse. He is best friends with Ranger.


Curious George

Loved by all for his looks, Curious George is a younger gelding. Born in 2015, he is green. He started his training in late 2020. Our advanced riders love to exercise him. Fun Fact: His best friend is Henry.



Echo, our trainer's special project, was born in 2009. He thinks he is quite the ladies' man due to being gelded late, but he does mind his manners. He is a POA and Kelly's personal horse. Fun Fact: He has won multiple high jumps!



Luna, a quarter horse, was a kill pen rescue who came pregnant. Scared at first, through patience she became the most affectionate horse at the barn. Her son, Eclipse, was born on



Mister Henry, our retired appaloosa, was born in 2006. He hurt his eye in 2014 and can't see much on his left side. He is very sweet and loves to follow you around the pasture.



Mona is our pasture pony. She is a retired show horse. She is a thoroughbred, originally going to be used as a polo pony. She loves going fast and kicking up her heels. She was born in 2003 and is retired due to chronic lameness issues. She has always been a Russian Roulette ride and you would know to be worried if she squealed. That meant you were in for quite a ride!



Bingo is a POA who was rescued in early 2021. Bingo's best friend is Blue. We are working slowly with Bingo for him to trust humans again.