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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lesson cost?

One private riding lesson: $55

Lesson Package: Four private lessons for $180

We accept cash or check for payment. Payment is required before the start of the lesson. 

What should I expect in a lesson?

Private lessons include brushing, tacking, and riding. We believe in educating our riders in all aspects of horsemanship. The riding time for a private lesson is 30 minutes. Lesson plans will vary based on skill level but, in brief, may include the following exercises: flat-work (poles and cones), jumps, and cross-training.

How should I prepare?

Please wear long pants (jeans are fine) and closed toed shoes with a one inch heel. Arrive 15 minutes early to your lesson. A helmet can be provided, please let us know if you require one. It's recommended to bring a camera to snap a photo, and for serious riders, to take video to see progress. Don't forget a bottle of water and a treat for your mount. Apples (sliced) and carrots are the most popular.

What is the age requirement?

Our minimum age for lesson students is seven years old. The student must be able to follow verbal instructions easily.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you can not make it for your lesson, we require 24 hour advanced notice.

Do I get to pick my horse to ride?

Our trainer will assign you your mount for the day. Every horse has a different feel, and our trainer knows how to match horse and rider to have the most effective lesson.

Is horseback riding hard to learn?

No! Just like any sport, horseback riding takes initiative. All riders, no matter how experienced they are now, were all beginners at one point. We tailor your lesson towards your goals. Whether it is to gain balance and coordination, or to become the next Grand Prix jumper, we have the tools to reach your goals.

Is there a weight limit?

We have a variety of lesson horses and are able to teach any rider weighing up to 250lbs.

How long has Kelly been teaching?

Kelly started riding in 1991 and she has been teaching lessons since 2002.

Can my friend/parent/guardian watch?

Yes - we have chairs near the gate and a viewing room upstairs. Even though they are not riding, they should be dressed for safety such as wearing close toed shoes.

Can lesson students show?

Lesson students can participate in shows for a fee. The rider may lease a school horse for the duration of the event (other standard show fees apply).

How would you describe your barn?

Our barn is family friendly and laid back. While we love to show, we focus on improvement, friendship, and fun!

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